We are a small family farm raising Gotland sheep in mid-coast Maine.


Since bringing the first flock of Gotland sheep to New England in 2012, we have steadily expanded the products we offer from these curly silver Swedish sheep to now include fleeces, roving, yarn, hand-woven blankets, sheepskin, and lamb. All wool products come exclusively from our pasture-raised flock and in the natural colors of the Gotland grayscale.

Gotland sheep are curious, fun, and sociable animals our whole family enjoys interacting with. It’s not unusual to see our lambs running around with our children; the sheep are often nosing in our pockets, looking for treats, or begging for scratches. Gotland sheep tend to lamb easily and mother well, they’re great milk producers, and their lambs grow to market weight well on pasture. Their high-luster fleeces create soft, shimmery yarn for both hand spinners and the wool mill alike, while their close-grained, mild-flavored meat is prized; it was the main course at a recent Nobel Prize dinner.



Learn more about us, our flock, and our plans for the future at our new home on Maine’s Mid Coast


We offer a range of fiber products including raw wool, roving, yarn, sheepskins, and hand-woven blankets, along with lamb, which is seasonally available at the farm.