Seeking: Help for trade

By Candlemas, it’s solidly time to turn our attention to the spring and summer. Plants have been ordered, seeds are on their way, we are carefully watching bred ewes, and deciding which projects to tackle this year.

Our list is long and we’ve carefully pared it down to a few absolutely essential needs. That’s where you come in. We’re offering some opportunities for you to leave your responsibilities far behind for a day or two in order to come bust your chops helping us take care of ours. We’ll happily swap sheepy goodies for your sweat and toil—lamb, wool, yarn, sheepskins, blankets, or possibly sheep. And, we’ll feed and water you.

We hope to host a couple of barter parties over the spring and summer in order to put up fencing (banging fenceposts into the ground is a great shoulder and back workout and is seriously cathartic), build one or two run-in shelters, and wire and install fans and lights in the barn. We’ll begin this work around May, and which project leads off will depend on the weather.

If you really want to get your hands and boots dirty, we will be looking for weekend help beginning in the spring to help with building, barn chores, and pasture maintenance.

Please reach out if you have any interest!