Current Challenge

This has been a perfect summer—warm, not hot days, chilly nights, sweet breezes. But it is dry. Like, really dry.

Officially, our corner of Maine is suffering a mild drought. It's been so dry since May that our two (yes, two) measurable rainfalls have made little difference. Right after they fell, the ground was just as dry and parched as it had been before, and the grass remains brown and crunchy. While the weeds thrive, the surviving grass struggles to stay alive, let alone grow. The sheep are hot and kind of dirty and we're at the end of the summer hay stash that should have seen us through to the now-delayed second harvest of hay.

Luckily, our super cool hay supplier is buying in hay for us, and I'm sure other customers as well. We hope to pick that up later this week. Nearly the entire flock is being fed hay, as a supplement or total diet.

As we move more sheep to Topsham, more will be grazing, but even the grass on those hundred acres is suffering from a want of water. It will still see them grazing grass until the snow flies, and that's a great thing.

Rain is forecast for Saturday—the day of the Allagash Street Fair. So, let's all wash our cars and party in the rain.